VISIT KUALA LUMPUR @ RM299 (USD70 / GROUP) - click picture for more details

Selasa, 29 Mac 2016



We provide tour around Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Malaysia as low as RM299 (USD70) for one trip. Our service start from 9 am until 9 pm. The tour around Kuala Lumpur by a list of visits required by the customer. You can choose a place you want to visit or our suggestion. 

This is not a car rental services but a guiding services. We just provide service bringing tourists to visit around Kuala Lumpur, e.g.  zoos, parks, shopping centers and so on. The price includes car, driver, soft drinks and snacks. RM299 for one group, not for every single person. YES, RM299 OR USD70 ONLY. The maximum number of tourists is 3 or 5 person based on car types. We do not provide services for large groups.

RM299 (USD70) per trip (includes) :-

  1. Car
  2. Driver
  3. Snacks
  4. Soft drinks
  5. 9 a.m to 9 p.m
  6. choose place to visit or our suggestion
  7. pick up at your hotel at 9 a.m
  8. maximum 3 or 5 person based on car
  9. USD70 / RM299 - it is not for one person, but for whole trip.

For more information, please email us at


Hopefully satisfied with our services.

Thank you.

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Perodua Axia - Maximum 3 person (click picture to enlarge)

Perodua Alza - Maximum 5 person (click picture to enlarge)

p/s: dapatkan Plan Prepaid dengan tempoh sah kredit sehingga 28 bulan atau 850 hari, SMS percuma sehingga 1800 SMS, panggilan serendah 5 SEN ke semua rangkaian dan internet laju. Berminat? Hubungi saya 0132825823

Jumaat, 18 Mac 2016

Sim card for tourist - Malaysia

Assalamualaikum tourist

Offer to tourists who visits Malaysia , we offer a prepaid sim card , ONE - XOX,  easier to connect with loved ones .

With the price of RM 60 ( USD 15 ) , you can choose high-speed data quota of 500 MB , 1.5 GB or 3 GB . It is up to your needs. No hidden charges . Only pay for what you use . credit validity period is 850 days or 28 months , and if you intend to return to Malaysia, just reuse the same sim card. Save your expenses.

Delivery is free to KLIA and KLIA 2 ( Kuala Lumpur International Airport) . The required documents are a valid passport. Just inform us a week before arrival. That's all!

We will help you set your device's settings, just email us the document, your device brand and the date of your arrival, we 'll take care of everything. Only RM 60 !

Thank you


Sim card : ONE-XOX
Price : RM 60 (USD 15)
Total Credit : RM 55
Validity : 850 days (28 months)
Internet Speed: 3G and 4G (high-speed data)

Internet Quota :
500 mb (RM 18) - balance credit to make a call and sms - RM 37
1.5 gb (RM 28) - balance credit to make a call and sms - RM 27
3 gb (RM 48) - balance credit to make a call and sms - RM 7


email : kayrolldin@gmail.com
Tel : +60132825823

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Kalau ada, boleh email kepada saya, kayrolldin@yahoo.com atau hubungi, 0132825823. Saya amat-amat berminat. Terima kasih.