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Isnin, 26 Februari 2007

Guide for tourist who visit Malaysia (Just Kidding)

If you want to visit Malaysia especially this year, I want to give all of you a guide while you are in here. This is because; Malaysia has many interesting places to visit. Therefore, you can read this guide and practice this guide while you are in here. Welcome world and enjoy your journey. 2007, is the year to visit Malaysia. MALAYSIA, TRULY ASIA! Malaysia Boleh!

While in your country:

1) Make sure bring, your passport, visa (if have), identity card, all important thing, and permission form from your husband, wife, child, parents, neighbors, chief, boss, or president with you.

2) Make sure bring your husband, wife, child, parents, neighbors, chief, boss, or president with you because they are important person for you.

3) Make sure bring more huge bag which is don’t have any things in there because you need to put all souvenir, things, and many more which you will buy at Malaysia.

4) Make sure you get all information about Malaysia before you arrive here because all places in Malaysia are attractive and you will find it.

5) Make sure you ready with more cloths, shoes, and any things because you sure not satisfied if you visit Malaysia only a week. Certain of our visitors are continuing their journeys for a week more.

6) Make sure plane you journey perfectly or get your journey plan from Tourism Malaysia because, in Malaysia has many attractive places to visits and you sure not satisfied if you do not have much time to visit all places.

7) Make sure do not leaved any things and any body at your house. Bring all of them to visit Malaysia together with you. Malaysia not waste you money and time!

8) Make sure bring enough money because you will leave at Malaysia more several days and all souvenir and things at Malaysia sold with low price at this time.

9) Make sure book your hotel from your country because hotel in Malaysia is too many.

10) Make sure change your hotel every day because hotel in Malaysia is cheaper and every hotel give different services based on culture, price, location, and environment.

11) Lastly, make sure you choose Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia to fly because they have good services, friendly, faster, and low price for ticket. If Malaysia Airlines Air Asia do not have any services in you country, you can choose other airlines company.

When you arrived in Malaysia:

1) Make sure you arrive at Malaysia.

2) Make sure you arrive at Malaysia airport likes Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Kuching International Airport (KIA), Langkawi International Airport (LIA) or other main airport in Malaysia.

3) Make sure you arrive with all things that you bring.

4) Make sure you and your members arrive at the same time, same country, same airport, and same members.

5) Make sure you know all things that you bring with you because many visitors come to Malaysia and I worried if you lost your things.

6) Make sure you buy something at airport because all main airports in Malaysia are like a shopping mall and free tax, which sold a much of souvenir especially in KLIA.

7) Make sure before you leaved the airport, book you taxi (cab) from legal counter in that airport. Do not take any taxi out from airport. This is because, the driver will charge you doubling different with taxi, which you book by airport. Example, the ticket only about RM35 or USD10, but they charge you RM70 or USD20!

8) Make sure before you leaved the airport; get the correct information about your hotel, moneychanger, and so on.

9) Make sure you compare the information that you get before with information, which is in tourist guide that you get in Malaysia.

10) Make sure you know to speak in English basic because Malaysians will help you if they really understand what you say. If not, they will say ‘I don’t know’. Actually, Malaysians are not boasting like other people but if your pronunciation is clear, they never stop to help you. Taxi driver is the example of it.

11) Make sure you know what place you need to go because your journey will cross cause of much tourist attraction.

12) Make sure you always refer to tourist guide to clear your journey.

13) Make sure you ask correct Malaysians if you want information about something because in Malaysia has many foreigner workers. As a development country, Malaysia has 1.5 million foreigner workers especially in Kuala Lumpur. That is why you must ask the correct Malaysians.

14) Lastly, make sure always bring your sunglasses which has SALE PROOF to cover you eyes from sale, discount, cheaper, and low price things that sale in Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur because now is the discount time. I am worried you exited to buy it and maybe you forgot to visit attractive places.

So, I hope you will enjoy your journey. Any question, just message me.

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