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Rabu, 25 April 2007

Israeli and Alien


Israel people or Jews is the one nation in the world, which is, does not have own places or country. Before they took Palestine as their country in 1947, they live at other places likes Europe and Australia. However, several countries in Europe do not like this nation to live at their country because Jews is the nation, which is, make the country that they live, difficult and poor. Why? They just like to collect the money but they do not like to help the country. This nation is so selfish. After god chased them out from Egypt, they had no place to go. Therefore, they scattered around the world searching a place for them. Then United Kingdom gives them one place in Palestine (crazy).


Is the one ‘people’ are lived at space. They like to experiment human (really?). They want to know about what human do in every day. Anything, anywhere, and anytime (everything). This ‘people’ has higher technology in their civilization. This ‘people’ also like to attack others if they feel endangered (really?) by using their weapon.
Did you know people who live in their country called based on their country name? Let me give the example.

1) People of Malaysia: Malaysian

2) People of United State: American

3) People of Singapore: Singaporean

4) People of China: Chinese

5) People of Israel: Israelian? Israeli?

Actually, Israel must be call as ISRAELIAN!!! Because, Israel + Alien = Israelian. Not Jews, Israel, or Israeli. Understood?


Is the one nation in this world getting own places or country by imperialism After they are chase from Egypt, they live at Europe. After that, they chase again and live at Palestine. They have higher technology in weapon. This is because, they worried if have other country attack them. Besides that, they want to collect a lot of place to make their country huge. That is why they used weapon to achieve their goal. They also like to experiment their technology at human especially, Muslim.

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